Allergy – causes, symptoms and treatment

Allergy is one of our biggest common diseases and every fifth Swede is affected today. The most common allergies are fur and pollen allergy, but many also suffer from mites or certain foods. The causes of allergy are not fully understood, but the risk of having an allergy increases if one parent or both parents have it. Probably also affects the environment and lifestyle.

Allergy is due to the body’s immune system overreacting when it comes into contact with substances that are not really dangerous, such as cat skin deposits or pollen grains swirling in the air. These irritants are called allergens and can cause allergic symptoms when they get trapped in the nasal mucosa or lower respiratory tract. The allergy can be either seasonal or perennial. If the allergy is seasonal, the symptoms only occur during certain times of the year, while perennial allergy causes problems all year round. Pollen allergy is a seasonal allergy, while mites and fur animals are perennial allergies.


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