Allergy – causes, symptoms and treatment

Often, the allergy breaks out at school age, but it also happens that adults become allergic. It is not possible to prevent allergy, but there are many effective medicines that can relieve the symptoms and help you live a normal life, despite the disease. It is important to get rid of the allergy early, as it can otherwise lead to asthma.

Symptoms of allergy
Allergies are sometimes referred to as hay fever in everyday life, as the symptoms are reminiscent of those you get during a cold. Runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, itching, as well as runny and itchy eyes are common allergy symptoms. But unlike a cold, the allergy does not go away after a week. Another sign that this is an allergy is that you get long sneezing attacks instead of occasional sneezing, and that the snuff is watery and clear. The symptoms usually occur within minutes of coming into contact with the irritant. Prolonged fatigue is another common symptom of allergy.

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