Good health – the key to a good life

If you ask any person what they dream of, the answers will vary and alternatives such as a new car, a bigger house, a trip around the world and maybe a cabin in the mountains can pop up. Probably, what we’re going to talk about here will come pretty far down the list; namely, good health and what it means. If you ask a sick or injured person the same question we started with, the answer would be very different and it is probably that person would only wish to be healthy.

We have the ability to take our health for granted and where we have a kind of basic thought and protection that lies in neglecting all risks, shrugging our shoulders and thinking: “Ah, that doesn’t hit me”. A kind of defense mechanism that is obviously not purely evil – what would it look like if we walked around worrying about everything and saw potential dangers lurking behind every knot? – but that also makes us take life with a little too big heels. Means this: what many of us do on a daily basis ultimately has major consequences. Every cigarette we smoke, every time we drink a little too much alcohol, every time we eat poor food, and every time we give up exercise we eventually build up a poorer health.

Of course; you have to live too – it’s not about adopting an ascetic attitude and lifestyle and we urge no one to completely abstain from the good of life (except for specific cigarettes that do not carry anything good with them at all). What we should do, however, is to point out some keys that lead to good health and where the change is not so difficult to do. That is, the points that follow do not really require much sacrifice if you focus only on them (and realize the risks and consequences that may come from continuing in the same wheel path):

Good diet: Creating a greater awareness of what you put in your mouth means that you keep a better weight and also that you feel better inboard – both in terms of how organs, intestines and other things work and how you feel mentally. An important part of this is that you start to cook your own food and realize what benefits – economic, taste and energy – that are actually there. By learning how to cook good, healthy and healthy food, you get huge benefits.
Good physique. Food and exercise / fitness belong together. Later in this guide, we will take a closer look at a problem in Sweden – and the world – in the form of overweight significantly. But first, we must point to the importance of moving. Our bodies are not made to sit still during the long periods that many of our work today entails and therefore daily exercise becomes even more important. Many people seem to associate this with huge sacrifices – buying a gym card, going to the gym, sweating, going out and running and so on – but in fact, fast walking is also something that makes a big difference to physics; and for the well-being. Exercising clears your head, it releases endorphins that make you more attractive and – of course – that makes you more capable.
Mental health: Feeling good inside is the most important thing, in our opinion. If you do that, much of the other, so to speak, will be on the purchase. Unfortunately, many in today’s society feel worse and worse. Which is largely because we place too high demands on ourselves – and on others – and through this we create an unhealthy stress. Clear consequences of this are burnout, depression and where people unfortunately go into the wall. Here we must learn to deal with the stress by, for example, saying no sometimes, daring to ask for help and also taking the available resources; for example in the form of psychologists or training in the form of mindfulness and yoga.
Diseases / Injuries: This point is more difficult to cure on your own, given that certain illnesses and injuries simply “happen”. It is not possible to hedge itself through a life – but thus not saying that you can not prevent. Partly by focusing on the points we have reviewed above and partly also by, for example, conducting regular health checks, visiting a dentist twice a year (teeth play an underestimated role in how we feel and what diseases can occur), give themselves a chance for recovery and injury prevention by getting a massage or visiting a naprapat … Here the list can be made longer.
What is public health really?
An important role in how we are to be played by the Public Health Authority and this applies to our public health. What one does is devote himself to strengthening the health of the population; something that is preventive through education, information and information based on research in a specific area. For example, this can be about the importance of movement for children and where you make sure that educational toys are available in our preschools. However, it can be about providing information about an epidemic and how to best protect against such – most recently we had swine flu, for example – and it can be about preventing, for example, chlamydia. Public health, quite simply, encompasses all aspects of health – mental, physical, and social.

Unfortunately, this important work has recently been hit by a number of misunderstandings and in many cases ridiculed. The latest example concerns the proposal for a sexual inquiry – proposed by Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikström – which was met directly by mockery from the other political bloc. These, in general, plunged political points into twisting the whole debate obliquely; instead of pointing out the essence of the proposed investigation (an investigation that has also happened before) – which lay in finding out, for example, the attitude of young people to contraception – it was said that Wikström actually wanted to know what Svensson wanted has for himself in the bed room. This ridicule also potentially destroys an extremely important job of teaching young people the importance of protecting themselves during intercourse.

An important side that has begun to emerge from research and investigations sanctioned by the Public Health Authority concerns our escalating importance. The world’s population is getting fatter and unfortunately Sweden is no exception to this. We are staying at a relatively acceptable level compared to other countries – especially the US and China – but this is a matter that needs to be dealt with more seriously and here one must try to disclose the dangers that actually come from being overweight. Hazards in the form of diseases – diseases that ultimately affect us all in the form of a higher tax bill when, for example, health care costs are to be financed.

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